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Na'Mo! - Batch File ReNamer Version 5.08

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namo_main_ani.gif Na'Mo! is a file ReNamer

A very powerful file ReNamer...

Na'Mo! allows you to ReName your files in batch. A few, a bunch, or an entire folder at once.

namo_1_rename.gif Use Na'Mo! to ReName photos from your digital camera...
(or files from any other process or program that generates non-descript names)
namo_2_transform.gif Clean up existing filenames with Transforms
namo_3_truncate.gif Remove parts of names with Truncates
namo_4_insert.gif Or Insert new text
namo_5_fix.gif And Fix extentions
namo_6_copy.gif You can even Sort and Gather files prior to ReNaming
namo_scripted_preview.gif And all ReNames provide you with a Scripted Preview so that you can see exactly what you do, in advance.

namo_contactsheets.gif namo_csvandtextindexes.gif

Create Contact Sheets and Indexes too...

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